Newlyweds have the chance to spend their honeymoon in the bed of the late dictator Saddam Hussein. The Al-Hillah Presidential Palace in Hillah, about 60 miles south of Baghdad, offers Saddam's room for rent for $180 per night (200,000 Iraqi Dinars), Rooms that were once used by Saddam's special guard have already been converted into hotel rooms with large TVs and king size beds. The Palace offers also 31 suites, which are available for rent at prices ranging from between 75,000 IQD and 200,000 IQD.


Babil is 100 km south of Baghdad. Babil province derives its name from the ancient city of Babylon, which was part of three old civilizations in Iraq: the Sumerian civilization in the south, the Babylonian civilization in the middle, and the Assyrian and Accadian in the north. Hilla, the capital of this province, has many palm trees. Locals also call the area Al-Fayhaa, which means "a beautiful garden." Most of the people in Babil are Shi'aa.


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