Ariana Afghan Airlines was established in January 1955. An American commercial pilot relocated several war-surplus Dakota Aircraft to Afghanistan which he had been operating as a private air service in India after the end of World War ll. Prior to that there had been no air service for passengers within Afghanistan, even though the Royal Afghan Air Force had been in existence for some years. The utility of air travel was soon recognized by the Afghan Government, and the airline was incorporated more formally as "Ariana Afghan Airlines".


Ariana is proud that it has operated successfully in Afghanistan for more than fifty years, from a mountainous terrain which has some of the most challenging operating conditions that can be found anywhere in the world Home base is Kabul International Airport, which is 6,000 feet high surrounded by mountains, with high temperatures in the summer and frigid conditions in the winter. Added to this mix are summer dust storms rising over 20,000 feet on the northern plateau, as well as send storms in the Kandahar area.


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