Nukunonu is the only Tokelau atoll that has housing and hotel facilities. Travelers to Nukunonu have to travel with the MV Tokelau, the only boat currently sailing to the islands. The great food and hospitality on board will tick the time away. With the speed of 10 knots, the boat will arrive the following day (30 hours later) Tokelau. Nukunonu is one of the three atolls you visit, the other two are Atafu and Fakaofo. Simply depart at Nukunonu and then you’re ready for your visit. Rate: NZ$ 50.00 per night, including all meals. Owner organizes special events such as fishing, coconut crab hunt and camping services on the remote islands.


Visiting Nukunonu is not an easy, however a fulfilling experience. Starting out in either New Zealand or the United States, the pre-final destination should be Apia in West Samoa. Apia has a great airport, with airport code APW, and can be reached with direct flights from Auckland, New Zealand and indirect from the United States through Hawaii and American Samoa.


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