"This is a company that you should be aware of if you intend to take business seriously. They are there for you in the selling process, but after you buy the product... they disappear (remember that you will need support for the integration, regardless the experienced technicians that you may …" in 1 reviews more
"Windsor Golf and Country Club is a beautiful golf resort not too far from Nairobi's city center. Perfect setting for a round of golf." in 1 reviews more
"Probably the best golf course in Kenya." in 1 reviews more
President Xi has upgraded "Military and Civilian Integration" to national strategic level in 2015. Meanwhile, the Chinese government began to solicit opinions about legislation of commercial space industry from all sides. Policies for Chinese commercial space industry is opened gradually, and private capital began to enter into this specific area, which raised a new development trend of the commercial space industry. One Space was founded in August in the same year. There are three main business sectors of One Space: The M-series commercial launch vehicle provide high-frequency, cost-effective, and high-quality launch service to small and micro satellite customers; The X-series flight test platform provides customized solutions for scientific research and transportation; Electrical and propellant products provides support and customization services.


5th floor, Building B, Tower 11, Dazu
Enterprise Bay, Daxing District


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