Aitutaki, 10 June 2009 - Pacific Resort Aitutaki’s new general manager, Michael Shah, says he has the best job in the world, in the world’s leading boutique island resort, in the world’s first recession free country, the Cook Islands. I don’t know what all the fuss is about in Australia, says Mr Shah, smiling “I already have that job here in Aitutaki, Cook Islands. There’s not many positions I can think of where snorkelling in crystal clear water to check coral growth while breaching whales swim past the resort is part of their job description!” he went on to say. Pacific Resort Aitutaki is the only full service five star resort in the Cook Islands and has won more awards than you can throw a coconut at, including the prestigious ‘World's Leading Boutique Island Resort’ at the 15th Annual World Travel Awards, an event described by the Wall Street Journal as the “Oscars of the Travel Industry”. This luxury property sits on the edge of the pristine lagoon of Aitutaki and is only a boat ride away from ‘Australasia’s Leading Beach’ One Foot Island. For Michael Shah, a typical day starts with meeting guests arriving from all over the world, walking barefoot along the beautiful sand beach to make sure it has been perfectly raked, chatting to guests at breakfast and hearing how happy and peaceful they feel. Then he clears a few emails, writes some thankyou’s to past guests and then takes a boat out to One Foot Island to check on the guests getting married there today. Later in the afternoon he snorkels to the Pacific Resort coral and giant clam farm, returning just in time for a cocktail or two at happy hour, tells a few stories and listens to others. Michael ends his day by checking on guests dining on the beach in Bedouin style tents while a fire show and local string band plays in the background. “This has got to be the best job in the world hands down”, says Michael with a huge smile on his face, he adds, “oh and don’t forget I get paid to do it”. For more information and all the latest special deals and offers available at Pacific Resort Aitutaki visit or contact your preferred travel consultant.


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