"River City is a luxury shopping mall with arts, antiques and cultural Thai handicrafts. Strolling at River City is nice …" more


River City Bangkok has one of the largest selection of fine arts and antiques in all Southeast Asia. Additionally, you will also discover River City Bangkok's Auction of unique and rare works, premium selection of fine arts collectors and use as home decoration. Be assured of the professionalism and international standards of which our auctions are performed by our Auction House. We take special care in selecting and showcasing intriguing and unique events and exhibitions. Step into our world where you will be rewarded with utmost satisfaction for those special times with your family or loved ones. Let your imagination run free and come to life as you relax and spend quality family time.


An extensive collection of international cuisines and seafood restaurants along the River City Bangkok riverfront. For a simple snack or refreshment, there are many coffee and bakery stores that can provide some excellent delights in a wonderful atmosphere. Premium-class service for dinner cruises along the Chao Phraya River. To get a better glimpse of traditional Thai style life, we offer activities to get you further immerse than a simple cruise up the Chao Phraya River. Depending on what experiences you want to encounter, pick from our wide range of trips and activities. Furthermore, we can also help create an exceptional romantic atmosphere along with serving of excellent food.

RCB Auctions
With largest collection of arts and antiques in South East Asia and continuous monthly auction certified by the Association for the Propagation and Promotion of objets D’Art since 1985, River City Bangkok is definitely the premier hub for all arts lovers and collectors. Located on the 4th floor of River City Bangkok, RCB Auctions was established in July 1985 to promote arts and antiques. For over three decades, the auctions here have offered the ideal platform for buyers and sellers to exchange arts and antiques as well as share invaluable knowledge on the subjects.

Dining, Restaurants and Cafes
- La Grande Perle
- River Cruise Dining
- Vivaaviv
- TWG – Haute Couture Tea Collection
- River View Coffee Shop & Restaurant
- Water Grill
- Tom n Toms Coffee
- Black Canyon Coffee


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